Thursday, February 26, 2009

A rant on FEAR!

Today we'll take a break from the intended Reality series and let loose with a rant.  Rants will be random things and probably not make sense.  This rant is all about FEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In today's society the poor wounded fragile spineless beings who call themselves people are coddled by an ever increasing movement to deny all things which may cause harm, misunderstanding, thought,  honesty, self responsibility and a myriad of other indignities.  

It is ok. It's not your fault.  Let us make things better.  I will tell you how to speak. I will tell you how to feel.  I will relieve you of your own life if only you follow me and abide by our rules.  Conform and all will be well.  Life will no longer be unfair.  There's no reason to excel.  The lowest common denominator is what you should strive to become. 

Once you do this you will be free of fear.  Fear of what tomorrow will bring.  Fear of having to account for your actions.  Fear of people hurting your feelings because everyone will be acting according to the same politically correct standards.  Don't worry my child.  The bad people won't say those bad words any more.  In their place I will spoon feed you right and wrong.

Eventually, you won't even be scared of yourself.

Cast aside the chains these people who seek to rob us of our individuality attempt to imprison our minds with. Be alive.  Be bold. Be daring. But most importantly just BE.

Don't repent. REBEL!
Defiance is a virtue. Acceptance a sin.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reality and the pursuit of false happiness (Part 1 of ?)

(Thanks for reading.  Nothing below is truly revolutionary by any means and maybe even already classified by some one else and I haven't read it yet.  It will serve to set the frame work for future blog posts so please read and comment)


What is it? 

Sages and poets have defined it in a multitude of ways since time immemorial.  The scientists seek to measure it.  The magician seeks to bend it.  The chaote seeks to unravel it and reconstruct it to suit them better.  Many wish to ignore it in pursuits of false happiness.

I am reminded of an old taoist tale where a man wakes up from having a dream about being a butterfly.  This dream was so real and vivid that upon awakening the man starts to question.  Is he a man who dreamed of being a butterfly or is he a butterfly now dreaming of being a man?  There's much more to this story of course and I encourage you all to read this tale.  

Physical Reality
The message I take from this tale is that who and what we are is not simply defined by the physical world for us.  The 'real world' of brick and stone is what I'll call 'Physical Reality'.  Physical reality is measurable and not really open to debate.  It's the world of Newtonian physics and the scientific method.  

I'm not so sure if and how much Quantum Mechanics actually fits into Physical Reality.  To me the realm of the quanta is where the physical world and the realm of the mind begin to meet each other and merge.  Peter Carroll explains this in detail in several of his publications if you want a much more detailed outlook on the matter.  I merely read, think, and try to understand a bit.

Mind's Realm
The flip side to Physical Reality is what I'll call the Mind's Realm.  Catchy titles indeed! Really though it's for the purpose of a clear definition before proceeding to discuss them.

The Mind's  Realm is where our thoughts and emotions exist.  As philosophy 101 says 'where is the mind?' I dunno and who cares eh?  What I do know is we are emotional and intellectual beings.  Our great capacity for thought and emotion is what makes the human race what it is.  Whether you believe in evolution or creationism this concept is equally valid.  

To attempt the define the Mind's Realm much more would require a long series of posts so I'll stop there hoping enough is explained to demonstrate the idea.  Leave a comment if you'd like some more of my ideas on this.

Humanity's Place
If Physical Reality is one side of the coin and Mind's Realm the reverse side then where is reality and where do we fit in?  Humanity dwells on the coin's edge.  

Take a quarter from your pocket full of change and look at it.  (Perhaps you were lucky enough to get the New Hampshire quarter which has the best motto 'Live free or die'.  If only more people actually believed that the world would be considerably different. I'll leave the concept of we are shackled by the chains of society for another post ;))

One side is heads - Physical Reality
The other side is tails - Mind's Realm
The edge of the coin links the two sides together.

Individual Reality
A quarter is a great example. Examine it closely and you'll see the side is full of ridges and has a visible streak of copper in the middle of the edge.  Taking the analogy one stop further look at the coin again and you'll see where the other metal from the quarter's sides are not rigid delineated lines.  Rather it fluctuates.

Such is the nature of mankind.  We weave a tangled web of life drawing from what we have experienced in Physical Reality and from what we have created in our Mind's Realm.  For lack of a better term I'll call this place Individual Reality.  

Individual Reality is the world we create for ourselves and is the world we live in.  (We don't actually live in reality. More on that later.)  It is our own personal blend of the physical and mental worlds.  Commonly used phrases even reference this idea.  Phrases like "I don't know what crazy world you live in... Not in my world.. " and so on.

If you're still reading then thanks for bearing with me.  Finally it is time to define REALITY!  Yep, all caps reality.  Reality is a consensual average of all of our individual realities.  

Read and think about that statement or perhaps let's rephrase it.  Reality is what we agree upon based on our desires in the Mind's Realm, our measurable experiences in Physical Reality, and how we've formed our own individual Realities.

Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean because he had an idea that the earth was round and not flat as was commonly thought.  At least that is what was taught in school.  So we can say at this point that the agreed upon Reality is that the world was flat.  

But then how did Eratosthenes measure the circumference of the earth in the third century BC?  Recently unearthed Roman Imperial scepters have a round globe representing the planet on top of them.  At some point a group of people decided they would rather believe the world is flat and this changed Reality.  The world was now flat.  

Photographs of the earth taken from space have clearly shown that it is a sphere and not a flat disc.  This is the measurable Physical Reality influencing the consensual Reality we live in.  

Columbus is given credit for 'proving' the world isn't flat.  Photos of the earth from space are the 'definitive' proof.  Definitive is in quotes because there is always some one out there who will dispute 'facts' that do not mesh with their Individual Reality.  The interesting thing to ponder here is sometimes those 'crazy' people are right.  Columbus being one of those crazy people himself.  

Summary of this section
Physical Reality - the measurable physical world

Mind's Realm - our thoughts (intellect) and feelings (emotion

Individual Reality - How we see the world based on personal Physical Reality and Mind's Realm.  It is here where we truly exist.

Reality - The currently accepted version of what is real based on interaction between other people and their Individual Realities.

In our next episode Batman will escape the death trap in time and start telling you how this all relates to the title.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First post

This is merely a test post to see how it all works.  Be not scared of the blog name but rather fear your own paranoia!